Impact of Demographics

While much of the research in eco-feedback either implicitly or explicitly focuses on relatively affluent homeowners, there are many unique problems that arise when looking at low-income communities [1], tenants & landlords [2], diverse cultural groups [3] and so on. We have conducted a series of research projects exploring these issues.

[1]  T. Dillahunt, J. Mankoff, E. Paulos, S. Fussell It’s Not All About “Green”: Energy Use in Low-Income Communities. In Proceedings of Ubicomp 2009. (Full paper) (pdf)

[2] T. Dillahunt, J. Mankoff, E. Paulos. Understanding Conflict Between Landlords and Tenants: Implications for Energy Sensing and Feedback. Ubicomp ’10.  (full paper)(pdf)

[3] Y. Shrinivasan, D. Seetharamakrish, T. H. Ganu, A. Choudhary, V. Gulati, T. Dillahunt & J. Mankoff. Energy shortages, peak load and efficiency in urban India: Design options when habits are already green. In submission to Ubicomp 2012.

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